Travel all over Southern Oregon. Fly a drone for a living. Take breathtaking pictures and videos from hundreds of feet up in the air. How did I end up here?

Early Beginnings

I guess I’d have to take you back to when I was 12 years old to show you what led me to start my own Drone Photography business.

As a young boy, I was always drawn to remote control (R/C) cars. I loved going to Diamond Home Supply in Grants Pass with my dad, because Radio Shack was in the same shopping center. One day, I spotted a shiny white Remote Control Helicopter for only $89.99! I still remember trying to convince my dad to buy it for me, and all those chores I had to do…

Fast forward to the age of 16 and I found myself buying an R/C Airplane! I found a quiet park close to home, with open space and only one tree! I have to be honest about my first flight. That very first flight consisted of a beautiful take off, and then 10 seconds later, crashing into that one and only tree in the entire park. Of course, I learned from my mistakes, and had a blast flying my airplane after that.

Pacific Northwest Drone

Now you know I’ve always had a thing for R/C cars, helicopters, and airplanes. You may not know that from a young age I’ve also been drawn to technology and photography. When I heard about drones, and that I could combine all 3 of my favorite things, I was ecstatic! You’re telling me I can fly a remote control drone, with a camera to take pictures and record video, and see it all on my screen while I do it? Of course I wanted to try that!

Fast forward a couple more years, and what started out as a simple hobby, has now become my profession. I love flying drones, and capturing images that cannot be captured in any other way. Southern Oregon is an amazing place with so many beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and landscapes to shoot. In my opinion, the Pacific Northwest is the perfect place to fly a drone.


Being born and raised in Oregon, it was natural for me to name my business Pacific Northwest Drone. Providing drone photography services is not simply a job for me, it’s my passion. I have the patience to find the perfect shot, and marvel every day of what I can see through a drone’s camera lens. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a drone picture is worth 10,000!