Wouldn’t you like to really show potential buyers what an amazing home you have to offer? This can be accomplished with aerial images and/or videos of the home. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a drone picture is worth a million!

The cost of hiring PNW Drone is generally less than 1% of the cost of a home. Usually, it’s actually closer to .05%. That’s right, half of a percent! The better the photos of the home, the greater the chances it will attract potential buyers.

Drone photos can showcase many aspects of a home, such as the spacious yard, those breathtaking views, that creek running alongside the property, that new roof that was just installed, or that bean shaped pool in the back yard.



One of the most special days in your life, your wedding day! Capture the beautiful moments from above with the help of PNW Drone. Outdoor weddings here in the Pacific Northwest region are beautiful, and are perfect occasions for capturing photos and videos with a drone. For indoor weddings, our smaller drone can be used to capture amazing shots.

You decide how long you want us to be there, and if you want photos, videos, or both.


You will not regret hiring PNW Drone to shoot photos of you, your family, and closest friends all together on such a memorable day.


Sporting Events, School Events, Staff Photos, Photo shoots… Any event that is worth capturing to you, is also important to us! 

Contact us and we can talk about how our drones can work for you!